Dr. Smith provides more SomnoMed Sleep Appliances than any dentist in the United States. She is the only Dentist in Illinois and Missouri to achieve “Sapphire Partner” status for her sleep medicine

Dr. Smith was the first “Senior Master” Fastbraces® Dentist in the United States. Dr. Smith is also a Fastbraces® instructor. Every month she teaches Fastbraces® technology to dentists all around the country.

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The TLC Difference!

Welcome to Dentistry With TLC. We do things differently! 

Here are just a few of our unique differences:

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Dentistry With TLC is a “one stop shop” for your dental needs.  Are you tired of being sent from one dentist to another?  Are you tired of taking time off work or away from your family for another dental appointment?  We provide our patients all types of dental service in just one office.  Dr. Smith and Dr. Armstrong are highly trained in all areas of dentistry and are ready to help you with all your dental needs, whether they are simple or complex. 

Our assistants, hygienists, receptionists and financial coordinators are dentistry superstars and are highly trained to answer your questions and treat you with lots of tender, loving care.  Dr. Smith requires employees to study and master written and verbal quizzes.  It’s not enough to pass, she requires each staff member to achieve 100% in all areas of training.  It usually takes new employees 3-6 months to complete all the training that is required at Dentistry With TLC.  This means each person you meet will be able to answer your questions, or quickly find someone who can.

Dr. Smith and Dr. Armstrong prioritize your comfort. In addition to making sure you are numb, we provide nitrous oxide and minimal sedation to help you relax. If you feel you should be more comfortable at any time during your treatment we will stop the procedure and focus on increasing your comfort before continuing. Our goal is to provide you with the most comfortable experience possible for your entire appointment.

Our unique location allows us to serve a large area and number of people.  We are located in Godfrey, Illinois, just 30 minutes from downtown St. Louis.  Many of our patients drive from all around Illinois and Missouri.  It’s very common to have patients drive several hours to come to our office because we are unique!  People have become familiar with Dentistry With TLC because Dr. Smith is a monthly guest on Channel 4’s “Great Day St. Louis” and Channel 5’s “Show Me St. Louis.”  Other patients are referred to our office for procedures their dentist does not perform.  And others come to Dentistry With TLC because their physician, chiropractor or dentist referred them here to have their sleep apnea treated and eliminate the CPAP.

Dr. Smith is an internationally recognized dentist.  She was awarded “Top Doctor” in 2011-2012 of all the Fastbraces dentists worldwide and has trained dentists at “Fastbraces University” in Dallas, Texas.  She provides more SomnoMed sleep appliances than any dentist in North America.  She is one of only four dentists worldwide to achieve “Sapphire Partner” status for her dedication to helping patients eliminate the CPAP.  She frequently has other leading dentists from the United States and Canada visit her office in Godfrey to observe her systems and learn from her techniques. 

Dentistry With TLC has amazing technology that saves you time and money.  Many offices would charge more for great technology.  We don’t!  Our technology allows Dr. Smith and Dr. Armstrong to complete your dental work in less time.  This keeps your cost low and your time in our office limited.  Old fashioned technology requires the doctor to spend more time with each patient which increases your cost.  Our amazing technologies that save you time and money include Fastbraces, laser dentistry, one-day porcelain crowns, Velscope cancer screenings, half-hour root canals, 3D digital x-rays and much more!

We don’t waste your time, we do it today.  It’s very common in our office for a patient to come in with a problem and leave with the solution the very same day.  Our great technology allows us to complete procedures quickly.  In most situations this gives Dr. Smith and Dr. Armstrong the ability to complete your work while you are here instead of requiring you to make another appointment and come back on another day.  We have extra treatment rooms and extra dental assistants to make same-day service possible every day.

We offer many financing options. Most patients want to get their dental work completed but may not have the money to pay for the entire procedure up front.  We understand.  Our payment options allow most patients to complete more dental work than expected and pay for it over time.

It’s all about you at Dentistry With TLC.  We offer complimentary fresh coffee and cold drinks in our reception area, warm blankets if you get cool in the treatment rooms and dozens of up-to-date magazines for all ages and interests.  We have treatment hours from 8 am to 8 pm.  Dr. Smith and Dr. Armstrong are happy to work through their lunch or stay after hours to help you. 

We give back to our community.  When Dr. Smith and her husband, Travis, took over Dentistry With TLC in 2007, they made a commitment to give back to our community by creating Dentistry With A Heart Day.  Each year on this special day in May our doctors provide free dental care for the less fortunate.  Our amazing staff volunteers their time and expertise.  Since 2007 almost 800 patients have been served with about $200,000.00 worth of free dentistry at Dentistry With TLC.  Dr. Smith and Travis are very excited to see other dentists beginning to implement their own versions of Dentistry With A Heart Day. 

Welcome to Dentistry With TLC!  Call us today to make your appointment and experience how we do things differently.


Dr. Smith and Dr. Armstrong are licensed as General Dentists In Illinois

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